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The Greenr Way

When Greenr started in 2015, it started with the goal of giving plant-based food a new interpretation. In Indian cuisine, vegetarian food is abundant. But completely plant-based? It’s hard to find any mother not putting an extra dollop of ghee in the dal. For those who are lactose intolerant or just choosing to be vegan, it was difficult to find a variety of new flavors that adhered to their dietary restrictions.

So Mohit, Dev, Vaibhav and Nitin got together to start Greenr. Having explored many different cultures around the world, Nitin could pull from many different childhood experiences in the USA, Africa, and the Caribbean. There are vegetarian traditions in almost all cultures and the USA happened to become one of the earliest melting pots for plant-based foods. Be it Lebanese, Mexican, or Southeast Asian - it was all “californianised” and you could find the best of the best of it all in one city. That is how this new unique mix of cuisines came about.

What is the Greenr way?

To be Greenr doesn't mean to be perfect, rather to just be a little more Greenr everyday.

Greenr’s menu is a primarily California culinary culture cultivated within the Indian context. Something very important to us is that we source local and sustainable ingredients. Cleanliness isn't just about being neat- to us, it means doing as little harm to our surroundings as possible. It means to exist consciously and lovingly.

Thank you for reading our first-ever blog on our website! It has been a long and fruitful journey for Greenr till this point. We hope you are curious about our passionate warm-hearted community and you stay tuned for more!

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